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WHAT THE FUCK PENIS i like tits! Yes i want a cheese berger and dont load it up with a bunch of bullshit!!! ok sir is that all? and give me some shit...To drink!Edit

  • Aquamarine Blue
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Bright Purple (like the color of Tinky-Winky)
  • Brown
  • Cherry Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Purple
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Lime Green (like the color of Dipsy)
  • Orange
  • Pakistan Green
  • Pearl White
  • Purple (all shades except light purple due to girly-ness)
  • Red
  • Rosy Red (like the color of Po)
  • Royal Blue
  • Royal Purple
  • Silver
  • Sky Blue
  • Sunflower Yellow (like the color of Laa-Laa)
  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • White
  • Yellow

==Favorite Foods:== *Bacon and Eggs *Cheeseburgers *French Fries * Frosted Flakes *Marshmallows *Pizza *SHIT! * M&Ms *Tomatoes *Total Cereal ==Favorite Beverages:== *Beer (especially he drinks it out of a beer bottle or beer can) *Soda *Water ==Favorite Songs:== *I'll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans (Version of The Police) ==Favorite Movies:== *Lion King *Mighty Duck Movies *Star Trek ==Favorite TV Shows:== *Scooby Doo *ALF * Bindi the Jungle Girl (only three episodes he likes are Animal ICU, Crocodilians and End Of The World) * Dragons The Series * Jeopardy *Magnum P.I. * Pokemon The Series * Some Baby Shows (like Barney, Blue's Clues, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, Puzzle Place, Sesame Street, Teletubbies and Thomas and Friends as well) * The Most Extreme (all episodes except Deadly Snakes) ==Favorite Video Game:== * Mortal Kombat series (Mortal Kombat 1, 2, 3, 4, Deadly Alliance, Deception, Shaolin Monks, Armageddon, Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe & Mortal Kombat 9) ==Favorite Teletubby== * Danny likes them all, but he loves Tinky-Winky and Dipsy the most. == Favorite Video Game Characters: == * Liu Kang * Johnny Cage * Kung Lao * Bo' Rai Cho * Kenshi * Curtis Stryker * Reptile * Raiden * Scorpion * Sub-Zero == Favorite Animals: == Any animal he thinks that are cool and cute including: * Ants *Apes * Alligators * Bats * Bears * Bison * Cats * Clouded Leopards * Chameleons * Cheetahs * Chimpanzees * Condors * Cows * Crocodilians * Deer * Dingoes * Dinosaurs * Dogs * Dolphins (especially Bottlenoses) * Dragons * Ducks * Eagles * Echidnas * Elephants (all especially African Savannah bull and Asiatic cow elephants because they're all cute as much as their trunks) * Elephant Seals * Flamingos * Frogs (especially tree frogs) * Gazelles * Giant Pandas * Gibbons * Guinea pigs * Giraffes * Gorillas * Hippopotamuses * Horses (sometimes) * House Cats * House Dogs * Hyenas * Ibexes * Ibises * Impalas * Iguanas * Insects (all except bees and mosquitoes) * Jaguars * Jaguarundis * Jellyfish * Jerboas * Kangaroos * Kittens * Kiwis * Koalas * Komodo Dragons * Leopards * Lions (all especially African ones even when they roar loud as hell!) * Lizards * Macaws * Mice * Mongoose * Monkeys * Narwhals * Nudibranchs * Orangutans * Orca Whales * Ostriches * Owls * Oxen * Parrots * Penguins * Pigs * Platypuses * Ponies * Porpoises * Puppies * Quails * Quetzals * Rabbits * Rats * Red Pandas * Rhinoceroses * Scorpions * Sea Lions * Seals * Servals * Sharks (except Cookie-cutters) * Sheep * Snow Leopards * Tanagers * Tapirs * Tasmanian Devils * Tigers (they're cute and cuddly as well but they are also dangerous as bullshit because he still likes tigers) * Toucans * Turtles * Uakaris * Vicunas * Viscachas * Vultures * Wallabies * Wallaroos * Whales (all kinds of whales especially Orcas, Belugas, Humpbacks, Blue whales, Minkes, Right Whales and others) * Wolves * Wombats * X-ray Fishes * Xenopus frogs * Yaks * Zebras * Zorillas ==Favorite Music:== *Country *R&B *Rock ==Birthday:== February 24th, 1964 ==Zodiac Sign:== Pisces ==Hair Color:== Dark brown and balding ==Eye Color:== Brown ==Likes:== *Alice in Wonderland * Animal Face-Off (especially when animals fight and when a Great White shark, a Bull Elephant, an Asian Lion, a Hippo, a Cougar, a Walrus, a Brown Bear, a Nile Crocodile, a Gorilla, a Black Bear and Sperm Whale win, he is happy, but when an Anaconda wins, he is scared and says "SHIT!") *Animals that are cool and cute *Baby shows (some like Barney and Friends, Blue's Clues, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, Puzzle Place, Sesame Street, Teletubbies (all especially Tinky-Winky and Dipsy) and of course Thomas the Tank Engine) *Bindi the Jungle Girl episodes Animal ICU, Crocodilians and End Of The World *Bowling *Boy Stuff *Drinking beer *Frosted Flakes *Grandma Jenelle (even though she's old as fuck!) *Ice Cream shops and trucks (except Dairy Queen) *Mortal Kombat series * Marshmallows *Pro Wrestling (WWE) *Puff Daddy music (especially I'll Be Missing You") *Randy Travis *Scooby Doo * The Most Extreme (including all episodes except Deadly Snakes) * Wendy's ==Dislikes:== * Dairy Queen (they fucked him twice) * Rick Moranis (because he wishes Moranis will be killed) * Wheel Of Fortune (they kicked him off) * Girly-girl stuff (like Barbie, American Girl, My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, Bindi the Jungle Girl (unless it's three episodes like Animal ICU, Crocodilians and of course End Of The World), Winx Club, Olivia or anything too girly for him) * The Police music (especially "Every Breath You Take" which gets him upset) * the colors light pastel purple or bright pink (unless it's blueberry or strawberry ice cream) * Snakes (because he is afraid of them) * Bob Saget * Head & Shoulders * Dusty Rhodes (Man, he was a piece of shit!) * Long-legged pissed off Puerto Ricans trying to break into his truck * his ex wife Shirlina * his son (he's an ass) * George W Bush (A.K.A. Colonel Cluster Fuck) * Rap music(cause that makes him pissed off) * Shirlina's spaghetti (cause it sucks dick) * Dick Cheney * Donald Rumsfield * Rick Moranis * Salt * The Most Extreme episode Deadly Snakes * Kool-Aid Commercials (because he believes he can shit a better one) ==Least Favorite Color:== * Bright Pink * Cotton Candy Pink * Hot Pink * Light Purple * Pastel Purple * Pink * Very Light Purple * Watermelon Pink * Or Anything Else Too Girly ==Favorite Book/Fairytale:== novel books, Alice in Wonderland (especially "Don't Come Around Here No More") ==Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:== Strawberry, Chocolate, Blueberry  ==Favorite Fast Food Restaurant:== Wendy's ==Favorite Flavor:== Chocolate (because he chooses chocolate over vanilla anytime) ==Biggest Fear:== He ain't afraid of SHIT!!!! (except snakes) ==Least Favorite Animal:== * Snakes (especially Anacondas, Saw-scaled Vipers, Rattlesnakes, Mambas, Pythons, Hog-nosed Snakes, Flying Snakes, Corn Snakes, Death Adders, Reticulated Pythons, Tiger Snakes, Sea Snakes, Black Mambas, Taipans and Cobras because he's afraid of them) * Bees (because they piss him off) * Horses (most of the time and because the janitor thinks he has a horse's ass) * Cookie-cutter sharks * Porcupines (they have balls that are small and don't give a shit!) * Mosquitoes (because they make him mad as hell!) * Squirrels (they were fucking his tomatoes one time while he was on the phone!). * Birds (because once, a bird flew into his house which pissed him off, he ended up knocking several things over with a broom while trying to hit it, including the cameraman, but he never managed to hit the bird, his son told him that if he continued to do it, he would eventually break everything in the house, but he was too pissed to give a shit, the bird then flew into his face) ==Favorite Place:== * Supermarkets * Zoos (especially all animals except bees, snakes, mosquitoes, cookie-cutter sharks, porcupines and squirrels) * Job Interviews * the ass end of the first baptist church ==Favorite Sayings:== YOU CAN'T DO SHIT WITHOUT YOUR BALLS!!! MY GRANDPA DIED 15 YEARS AGO, NOBODY GAVE A SHIT!!! HOLY DUMB FUCK! IT'S EMBARRESSING AS FUCK TO HAVE AN ASS! PPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! OH BOB SAGET!!! SUCK MY DICK, OR COCK! LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT A PORCUPINE'S BALLS! THEY'RE SMALL AND THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT! YOUR "ASS"! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!! WHY DON'T YOU MAKE LIKE A BANANA AND SHIT! DON'T TALK SHIT ABOUT "TOTAL"! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'VE BEEN FUCKED BY DAIRY QUEEN!! FUCK YOU AND EVERY "MALL SANTA" THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU! LAST TIME I GAVE A SHIT, I GOT FUCKED! MEN'S ASSES! I'D KILL MYSELF TOO IF MY LAST NAME WAS COMBS! I DIDN'T TALK TO NOBODY YESTERDAY, I WAS IN THE CAR TAKING A SHIT!! TONIGHT ON UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, FIND OUT WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT BIGFOOT, UPDATE! APPARENTLY NOBODY GIVES A SHIT SO FUCK HIM! BUTT FUCK!!! SHES A BITCH!  I CALLED HER A BITCH RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER TITS! I'D LIKE TO MEET THE MOTHER FUCKER THAT NAMED IT "FASHION BUG", AND SHOVE A BROOM UP HIS ASS!! PISSING OUT THE WINDOW AND SHITTING OUT THE WINDOW ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! IT'S EASY FOR DENNIS TO GIVE A SHIT BECAUSE DENNIS IS SO FULL OF SHIT! I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TO TRY AND WALK A MILE IN MY SHIT! EAT MY SHORT DICK!! WE'RE GONNA BE "OUT OF THE BUTT, AND INTO THE FUCK" IF WE DON'T COME UP WITH THAT $36... GO COUNT YOUR DICK! BITCH! I LOVE YOU! YOU CAN GO TO JOLLY PIRATE'S DONUTS AND TAKE A 2-HR SHIT FOR ALL I CARE!! THAT'S NOT MICKEY MOUSE, THAT'S JUST TIT DIRT! SHE HAS NICE ASS! I'M TOO PISSED TO GIVE A SHIT!!! FASHION BUG!! RONALD MCGODDAMN DONALD!!!

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