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Insight Cable Company was Danny's cable company. They had a promotion that gave new customers free Showtime for the first three months of service. Well, free including a "franchise fee of $4.62 A Month" The fee pissed Danny off so much he was filmed sending a "video complaint" to Insight, threatening to switch to Comcast if he did not get a full refund. It is unknown if he is still a subscriber.

The Return Of The Tourettes Guy (Part 1)02:45

The Return Of The Tourettes Guy (Part 1)

Head to 2:00 to see his "video complaint"


Insight is a real cable company operating mostly in Kentucky. About their promotion, the free Showtime was expanded from the first three months of service to the first year of service. Was it due to the Tourettes Guy's "video complaint"? We may never fucking know.


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