After Seong Mi-na agreed while crying, Danny looked at Maxi and said "Maxi, I'm extremely disappointed in you. This is a goddamn joke to you because you were really upset in yourself." Maxi wondered what was going on. He said "No way. I messed up. This must be some kind of joke. Danny, I can't promise that you'll live.". Danny asked him "Why the hell did you say that?". Maxi replied "Because I can't do it, Danny. I can't do it.". Danny said "Maybe it's because of your destiny and you know that anyway?!". Maxi got into an argument with Danny. He argued "It wasn't my FAULT! I'm angry! I'm very angry and it wasn't my fault! Nobody did anything about this!" Danny argued back "Dammit! I'm getting all sick and goddamn tired of looters and polluters! If anything is happening to you, you're in big fucking trouble!" Maxi pushed Danny over the edge. He argued back "I'm so angry! I'm angry! I'm angry! And humph, I'm really disappointed. I'm angry and disappointed!". Danny yelled "Okay, okay! I get it now! Now be fucking quiet!". Maxi argued "Humph. I'm really disappointed.". Danny yelled "Be goddamn quiet!". Maxi argued "Listen to me!". Danny yelled "Hello! What the hell is wrong with you?!". Maxi argued "But, Danny......". Danny yelled "Stop it right now!". Maxi was sorry for what he had done. Danny yelled "I am so fucking pissed at you! Maxi, you're gonna fucking take responsibility for yourself as no one's gonna do it for you! Take responsibility for yourself!" Maxi turned around. He walked away leaving Siegfried, Sophitia, Cassandra, Taki, Amy Sorel, Kilik and Talim behind as Danny lost his cool, flipped him off and yelled "Fuck you!". He was angry at him for pushing him over the edge and sent him away.