Rude Awakening
Rude Awakening is the third episode of Tourettes Guy.

Plot Edit

The Tourettes Guy's psychiatrist puts a giant 4ft. tall statue of a blue M&M next to his bed to see how a person with Tourette's Syndrome would react if they woke up and saw a giant blue M&M in-front of their bed. The results are hilarious. Danny is woken up by a strange sounding alarm clock, puts his glasses on, sees the M&M and yells "WHAT THE FUCK!" in shock. He yells a barrage of swear words, then tries touch the M&M, and then yells another barrage of swear words before going back to sleep, but not before informing the M&M about porcupine balls, explaining that they're small and they don't give a shit. About 50 minutes later, he wakes up and tries to touch it again but falls off the bed, yelling "ASS!".