The boy Teletubbies named Tinky-Winky and Dipsy arrived to Danny's house after Danny entered his car and drove away. They came into Danny's house while he was gone and pissed on his floor, buttfucked and squirted poop everywhere, ate his marshmallows, brought in some buttfucking lions and had them hump Danny's tomato garden, Released The Greased Up Deaf Guy into the house, wrinkled up Danny's Randy Travis poster and finally drank all of Danny's beer and got drunk. Danny came home and knew what happened stating "What the fuck?! Dammit! Holy shit! What the hell happened to my house?!". He looked into his beer bottles and they were empty so he beat the boys to death with a piece of stale tubby toast and even threw his empty beer bottles at them yelling at them "Fuck you two! You look like nothing but TV bellied assholes, boys!". The girl Teletubbies Laa-Laa and Po later resurrected Tinky-Winky and Dipsy after calling the police on Danny and Danny was arrested by the police cops and taken away to jail yelling "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you in the ass!". He struggled to escape, but the cops's grips were way too tight. Danny couldn't escape or be bailed out until he promises to never kill the Teletubbies again. He returned to the Teletubbies and apologized to them for beating them and promised to never do it again.

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