[The video starts Danny getting the hiccups, while he's cleaning the pool stick]

Danny: Shit! ( hiccups ) Shit! ( continues hiccuping ) Shit! Shit, shit! Damn!

[then it cuts to Danny walking and goes to the bathroom door]

Danny: Shirlena?

Shirlena: What?

Danny: Where are you?

Shirlena: I'm in the bathroom, hold on. [Danny opens the door and sees her]

Danny: Fuck the hiccups!

Shirlena: God damn it! I'm on the fucking toilet! Get out!

Danny: [slams the door, but it opens by itself, and leaves] Shit!

Shirlena: Danny, the door didn't shut! Shut the fucking door!

[Then it cuts to Danny is on the phone]

Man on Phone: Do you have a pen?

Danny: Yeah, hold on a second. {he starts reaching for a pen] ( grunting ) Ah, shit! Shit! [he continues reaching for a pen, but he falls down] ( yelling ) Shit! Ah, shit!

[then it cuts to the black screen with the text saying "ROAD RAGE", then it also cuts to a man walking out near the Staples store}

Danny: You look like boss hog's cock! [then it cuts to Danny was on the chair] I don't give a piece of shit.

[then it cuts to Danny looking at the closet}

Danny: Why does our broom closet smell like an ass? [Then it cuts to Danny was on the cell phone] Fuck you! Who gives a shit?! You're an asshole, i'm going to kick your ass!

[then it cuts to Jared Six closing the window}

Jared: Dad, the new neighbors are going to hear you cussing and yelling, and the call the cops again. [the camera pans over to Danny]

Danny: I don't really fuck.

Jared: Well the neighbors do.

[then it cuts to Danny was already sitting on the chair, with the Ice Cube music video playing on the top-right of the screen]

Danny: Why does he always looks like he smells shit? [then it cuts to Danny was lying down on the couch, reading the newspaper]

Jared: It says in The Guinness Book of World Records that Roy Sullivan was hit by lighting seven times.

Danny: ( chuckles ) What a fucking dumb ass! [then it cuts to Danny holding the beer bottle] You're a stupid pecker.

Jared: I'm going to tell Mom.

Danny: She already knows! [then it cuts to Danny was on the phone]

Smart Aleck Salesman: Well you know what they say, you say tomatoes, I say tomahtoes. ( laughing )

Danny: You can shove those tomahtoes up your fat ass! [then it cuts to Danny was on the chair, shouting] Piss, piss, piss!

[then it cuts to the black screen with the text saying "WASHCLOTH", with Danny (off-screen) reads out the text]

Danny: And they didn't even put it in an alpha butt fucking-betical order. {then it cuts to Danny gets off the chair and leaves]

Jared: Dad, they're showing episodes of Knight Rider again on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Danny: Shut up! [then it cuts to the picture of Charlie the Tuna]

Jared: What are your thoughts on Charlie the Tuna?

Danny: He's an ass wipe! [then it cuts to Danny drinking the beer, and he hears the door knocking] Probably a fag. And then it got rear-ended, by a shitty Mitsubishi!

[then it cuts to Danny was on the chair with the TV show playing on the top-right screen]

Danny: There's something about the way his butt looks in those tight ass jeans, and it's really pissing me off! [then it cuts to Danny shouting with a glitching camera effect, then it goes back to normal] He comes to my house! He has six pancakes, six sausages, and three glasses of orange juice. And then he gets in my bed, and wants to play with my ass! [hits the camera] Shit!

[then it cuts to Danny laying on the couch]

Danny: I was married to Shirlena for 15 damn years. And before that, I was married to some bitch named Barb. [then it cuts Danny in a different chair, seeing his watch, laying the couch, sitting on the brown chair, and he is on the phone with his son saying "Dad, what time is it?"] [Danny stops calling on the phone] It's time for you to get a damn watch! [he continues calling on the phone] Dickhead!

[then it cuts to the black screen with the text saying "BREAKFAST IN BED"]

Jared: [holding the breakfast tray, knocking the door] Dad! [he gets inside at Danny's room] Dad! [the cup falls off the tray, bouncing down the stairs, and smashing into a million pieces] Dad!

Danny: Huh? What?

Jared: Dad, I made you some shit.

Danny: Get the fuck out of here!

Jared: But Dad, it's father's day.

Danny: Fuck off!

Jared: Dad, I spent 30 minutes making breakfast.

Danny: You're an asshole!

Jared: You know what, Dad, you're nothing but a no good , imbred, drunk piece of crap.

Danny: Who isn't? [then it cuts to Danny holding the beer bottle again] You're a piece of-- [then it cuts to Danny shouting "shit", includes losing the pool table game, calling on the phone, getting his computer glitched out, tries to cut the the onions, trying the fix the wire pluggers, losing the board game, and sitting on the chair, then the video ends with the text saying "PLEASE SUBSCRIBE"]