Some guy yells at some cats

Some guy yells at some cats

The "Yelling at Cats Guy" is the Tourettes Guy's archenemy, used frequently as material in a growing myriad of YouTube Poop videos. He is said to be featured in the supposed upcoming video, "Tourettes Guy vs. Angry Cat Man".

Viewers were skeptical about the individual in the video to be the Tourettes Guy himself; this suspicion has since been disproven.

Video DescriptionEdit

"Some Guy Yells at Cats" is a semi-viral video uploaded to BIOHAZARD64's YouTube page on March 12, 2006, under the name, "Yelling at Cats".

The video consists of an individual recording on a camcorder yelling at three separate cats during the course of the video, screaming derogatory insults, such as, "Do it, you fucking pussy!", "Get the fuck outside!", and, most notably, "You are a fucking piece of shit! I am going to rape you!".

The video has accumulated an aggregate 2 million views, and leadership has continued to rise over at least 4 years. This is most likely due to multiple reuploads of the video around the time it was originally posted, similar to "Amazing Horse".